2010 | Porno´s Chart

2010 es el año que nos ha visto nacer. Desde agosto, hemos intentado compartir con vostros la música que nos gusta. Estamos intentando ser un blog ecléctico, como un pequeño cajón de sastre dónde meter dentro lo que nos dé la gana, lo que nos apetezca.

Comos os habeis portado bien, en 2011 os traeremos entrevistas (en el horno: Mujeres, GroupLove y John Talabot), nuevos videos y muchos más post para cagaros en los pantalones !!!

Feliz 2011 !

A pasarlo bien, chicos !

El Equipo de PORNO

2010 has seen PORNO born. Since Agoust, he have share with you, guys, music that we like. We try to be an eclectic blog, like a little space to share our different thoughts.

Just because you have behaved properly this year, we will bring you some little presents like interviews (baking: Mujeres, GroupLove & John Talabot), new videos and more posts to shit in your  pants !!!

Enjoy 2011 !


Your PORNO team


HUNEE – “Bobo” [Rush Hour]

SKATEBÅRD – “Starwatcher II” [Luna Flicks]

DANIEL WANG – “East Village Hustle” [Rush Hour re-edit 2010]

THE EMBASSY – “Lurking (With A Distance)” [Tensnake Dub] [Permanent Vacation]

BOTTIN & RODION – “Galli (Give It Up)” [Eskimo]

HOUSE OF JEZEBEL – “Love & Happiness (Vocal Mix)” [Rush Hour]

PACHANGA BOYS – “Power” [Kompakt]

ROBERTO AUSTER & ALDEN TYRELL- “Blondes & Brunettes (Aldens Club Mix)” [Bear Funk]

STORM QUEEN – “Look Right Through (vox)”[Environ]

MIDNIGHT MAGIC – “Beam Me Up (Jacques Renault Remix)” [Permanent Vacation-2009 edited 2010]

AUFGANG- “Channel 7″ (John Talabot You and Me remix)” [Infiné-edited late late 2009 🙂]



PRINS THOMAS – “Jiro (Prins Thomas Miks Part 1)” [Music Mine Inc]

MUNGOLIAN JETSET – “Moon Jocks N Prog Rocks (Full Length Version)” [Smalltown Supersound]



VVAA- “NEOVINYL ALLSTARS vol.1″(Neovinyl Recordings)” ❤

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