MIX OF THE WEEK | Avventura All’Italiana by Flemming Dalum

Flemming + some of his records

Flemming + some of his records

Os dejamos aquí una nueva selección de temas de la mano de Flemming Dalum. Aunque muchos ya le conocéis, Flemming es un coleccionista de música legendario. Sus compilaciones, publicadas en sellos como Moustache, Panama Racing o Roller Disco Records (!!!), llevan reventando estéreos desde hace más de treinta años.

We would like to share with you, beloved Porno friends, another Flemming Dalum´s high quality music selection.  For those who may not know about Flemming´s work, he has been releasing copilations in labels like Moustache, Panama Racing or the fresh fresh fresh Roller Disco Records, for more than 30 years. Some people believe he is a living legend, we believe it too !

FLEMMING DALUM – Avventura All’Italiana


G. e. M. De Angelis – The Destruction Of New York (Kangaroo Team 1983)
Whizz!! – Do You Hear Me (Pye records 1978)
Alba – Philomena Part 1 (Aube 2010)
Ocean Ghery– Gulliver (Man Records 1987)
Infinity Night – Valerie (Unreleased)
Bryan Dalmini – Can You Tell Me (Sensation Records 1984)
Whizz!! – We Are Not Alone (Cbs 1979)
Casionova – Shoreham Harbour Blues (Ali Renault remix 2008)
Steve Eden & Paul James – Memories Emotions (Crash 1985)
Salentino – You’ll Be In Paradise (Real Sound 1985)
Alden Tyrell feat. Fred Ventura – tba (Unreleased)
Dean and Danielle – Victoria (Famous Music 1985)
Mirko Hirsch – Best Of Friends (Delivery Records 2010)
Due – Come On Rap (Patto records 1987)
Gabe Catanzaro feat Tobias B. – Monster In The Dark (Sauroid 2010)
Massimo Vita – Jenny (C & C Productions 1985)
Stefania Rotolo – Spaccotutto (Italian Rca 1978)
Gabe Catanzaro – Music Machine (Sauroid 2010)
Dum Dum Pop – All day, All night (Fonit Cetra 1988)
Overdrive – Keep Your Eyes On The Road, Jo (Carrere 1979)
Ryan Dalmini – She’s My Love (Caraibi Records 1985)
Mark Du Mosch – Knight Industries (Unreleased)
Inifity Night – Marcello (Unreleased)
The Robot Scientist – Star (2010)
Oliver Onions – Yor’s World (Kangaroo Team 1983)
Alden Tyrell – Italo Demo 4 (Unreleased)
Gate – Arabian (Blood 1982)
Salta & Roma – We Love Computers (S.H. Remix) (Unreleased)
Beba Barone – Vale (Green records 1983)
Miko Mission – Let It Be Love (I Venti d’Azzurro records 2010)
Convou – I Will Love You (Cop Records 1986)
Alba – Philomena Part 3 (Aaube 2010)
Loukas Thanos – Set On Fire (Greek Discography 1984)
Frans Tormér – Scalietti (Upcoming Release on Relux Rimini – April 2011)
Overdrive – Magic Moon (Carrere 1979)
Govindo – Ou Ka Vini Moin (Gala International 1983)
The hasbeens – You and Me (Clone West Coast Series 2009)
Peter Nikys – Computer Love (Disco Show 1983)
Alden Tyrell – Italo Demo1 (Unreleased)
Night System – Flight To Zanzibar (Flemming Dalum Remix) (Cyber Dance 2011)
Frankel – You’re a Woman I’m a Man (Rca 1984)
Msb feat. Tidi – Parallel (1985)
The Hasbeens – tba (Unreleased)
Roland Sebastian Faber – Löffelkinder (Aube 2010)
Rude 66 – The Kill (Exclusive release 2008)
Savai – Stand up (Ed Disc Lariane 1986)
Mr. Pauli and David Vunk – Zanzibar (Moustache 2010)
50 & 50 Brothers – Red Man (Memory 1987)
Alden Tyrell feat. Fred Ventura – tba (Unreleased)
Magenes – Back To Singapore (Insect records 1985)
Electric Nightmare – Garden Of Delight (Wea 1979)
The Robot Scientist – Earth (2010)
The Revolving Eyes – Naked Run (Moderne Recordings 2007)
Aysiha – Space Man (EMI 1978)
Alden Tyrell – Italo Demo 5 (UNRELEASED)
Alaba feat. Fred Ventura – Without You (Upcoming Aube release)
Sissy – Coloured Rhythm (Sensation 1984)
Cento – Photochrome (Idea 1979)
Body Electric – Boo Bee Dance (1982 Unreleased)
Mecano – London (CBS Italiana 1982)
Banan – Zebra (1983)

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