Rob n´ Zoopsie | The Revolving Eyes

RnZ´s Secret Base

RnZ´s Secret Base

Rob n´ Zoopsie, es un proyecto musical formado por Rob Dublo y Malory Zoopsie. Desde su base secreta en Bélgica, transmiten mixtapes al espacio exterior encriptadas en forma de new wave, electro, disco e italo. Bajo el aka The Revolving Eyes, también producen y han publicado algunos Eps en su propio sello, Moderne Recordings. Además de otro muy recomendable, Disco Fright, compartido con Heartbreak en Lycra Records. Aquí os dejamos su última mixtape.

Rob n´ Zoopsie, is a musical project by Rob Dublo and Malory Zoopsie. From their secret base in Belgium, these guys transmit to the Outer Space mixtapes encripted in new wave, electro, disco and italo sounds. They also produce some outstanding tracks when The Revolving Eyes, releasing 4 Eps in their own imprint, Moderne Recordings. They have also a cool split Ep, Disco Fright, with Heartbreak in Lycra Records. This time, we would like to share with you their lastest mixtape.

Rob ‘n’ Zoopsie Club Not Club Mix (feb 2011)

Como sabíamos que os quedariais con ganas de más, ahí van otras dos de nuestras favoritas! // As we already knew that you would cry for more, there you have another two of our favourites!

Malory Zoopsie By a Moonless Night

The Revolving Eyes Live @ Magic Waves Fest (2009)


The Revolving Eyes Fields of Babylon (Moderne Recordings-2007)

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