Melted Toys

Desde San Francisco, llegan Melted Toys. Nutridos por los sonidos de la Bay area en los 80 (lo-fi psicodélico), nos ofrecen su visión de lo-fi, pop experimental. No hemos tenido oportunidad de verlos aún en directo, pero los videos que circulan del colectivo de Portland, Into The Woods, y Elise Oh, te permiten hacerte una idea bastante acertada. No os vamos a engañar, suenan increible. Por eso, estamos impacientes por el lanzamiento de su EP “Washed & Dry” el 22 de febrero en Underwater Peoples. Poneos los temas que os dejamos por aquí y meteos en un mundo aparte.

Melted Toys are from SF. They offer their own vision of Lo-Fi , experimental pop which is built from all the Bay area bands that played psidelic, lo-fi music in the 80s. We did not have the pleasure to see them live, but thanks to the Portland based filmmaking collective Into The Woods and  Elise Oh you can feel like if you had. We tell the truth and the truth here is that they’re really good. That’s way we can’t wait for their new EP, “Washed & Dried” which will come out the 22nd of February on the label Underwater Peoples. Play the tracks/videos we leave you here and get lost in a new world.


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