Fist City/Timecopz Split's Artwork

Fist City de Lethbridge, Alberta son una  banda que te arranca del ordenador o te hacen ponerte a correr sin motivo cuando los escuchas. Sus melodías infecciosas y sus  voces con reverb son un directo a tu mandíbula que no te deja indiferente. Acaban de sacar un split con Timecopz, oriundos de Vancouver. Disfrutad de la página de Geographing Releases, la cual al no tener ningún tipo de diseño y estar hecha con Html de secundaria, te demuestra que, al final, el envoltorio es lo de menos.

Lethbridge, Alberta based band Fist city has the ability to take you out from your laptop or make you running without a reason just by listening to them. Their infectious melodies and reverbed voices are a direct hit to your jaw. They are completely unavoidable. They’ve just released a new split with Timecopz, from Vacouver. Once you get into Geographing Releases website to get your copy of the split, enjoy the website itself. The fact that it has no design at all and that has been built with high school Html level reminds us that in the end, what’s good is good.

Desafortunadamente, no hay streaming para el split, pero si os podemos dejar unas canciones de muestra // In spite of not having the split for you guys to listen it in streaming, we’ve left you here some songs of them for you to enjoy.

Fist City- Iggy Pup

Timecopz- Shit City

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