Ginnel's Artwork from his Bandcamp

Ha estado bien dar con Ginnels (proyecto paralelo de Mark Chester de Grand Pocket Orchestra). Su debut homónimo está fresco en Bandcamp, de hecho está ahí desde hace un par de días. Ya os lo hemos presentado y, ahora, os diremos que sí, que saquéis tiempo de la ducha, del trabajo ( o durante el mismo), de la compra, la pareja o de pasear al perro/gato. Una vez dicho esto, dadle al play y saboread los instrumentales de este señor de Irlanda.

Let’s be honest, finding Ginnels has been a delightful event. It’s the side project of Mark Chester from Grand Pocket Orchestra. The 21st of february has been released his homonymous debut in his Bandcamp. After this small introduction, we tell you that you should save some time, maybe from work, going to the grocery store or walking your dog/cat, and take a listen to Ginnels. If you do, you’ll hear tasteful instrumentals played from Ireland just to you.

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