MIX OF THE WEEK | Worldwide family mixtape for Gilles Peterson by DSO

Deep Space Orchestra

Deep Space Orchestra

Deep Space Orchestra es el dúo de productores y Djs del Reino Unido formado Chris Barker and Si Murray, detrás del sello Use of Weapons. Los temas de estos chicos funden magistralmente sonidos deep house analógicos con percusiones incendiarias de influencia disco. Los encontrarás publicados en Art, Delusions of Grandeur y Winding Road Records, entre otros.

Deep Space Orchestra is an English duo of producers and Djs behind the record label Use of Weapons, Chris Barker and Si Murray. DSO’s tracks blend smoothly deep house with dreamy analog sounds and seriously kicking disco influenciated percussion lines. You will find DSO’s tunes published on imprints like Art, Delusions of Grandeur andWinding Road Records.

Nos gustaría compartir con vosotros su pedazo de set especial para el programa de Gilles Peterson en la BBC RADIO 1 / We would love you to listen to their outstanding mixtape for Gilles Peterson’s radioshow on  BBC RADIO 1

DSO – Worldwide Family Mixtape for Gilles Peterson [2011]

Tracklist? ¡Aquí! / Tracklist? Here! | ¿Más? Part2 / Some more? Part2

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