DEN HAAN | Gods From Outer Space

Andrew Gardiner & Matthew Aldworth forman Den Haan, una banda de Glasgow con fuerte influencia italo y HI- NGR. Su primer LP ‘Gods from Outerspace’, publicado en su propio sello The Courier Of Death, es una auténtica bomba. Y contiene alguno de sus temazos publicados anteriormente en Optimo Music y Supersoul Recordings. ¡Escucha esto!

Andrew Gardiner & Matthew Aldworth are Den Haan, a Glasgow based band whose sound is strongly influenciated by  italo y HI- NGR. Their first LP ‘Gods from Outerspace’, was publised pretty recently on their own label The Courier Of Death. ‘GFOS’ contains a few of their outstanding tracks previously released on Optimo Music and Supersoul Recordings. Check them out!

Den Haan – Russian Boat Commander (GFOS, Courier Of Death, 2011)

Den Haan – Methamorphosis (GFOS, Courier Of Death, 2011)

Den Haan – Universal Energy (GFOS, Courier Of Death, 2011)

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