Space Dimension Controller, Pearson Sound, Jamie XX…Hay una nueva generación de talentos que, cada uno en su escena, han puesto su nombre en el mapa durante los dos últimos años. Y vienen para quedarse.

Os presentamos French Fries, un chico francés que antes de salir del insti ya era residente de La Fabela Chic en París, con 14 añitos. Primer release a los 16. Artista revelación del WMC 2010 desde su casa… Un derroche de técnica y de juventud, que hace que todo parezca muy fácil.

Échale un vistazo a este set, con video en directo incluido, para Boiler Room.

Space Dimension Controller, Pearson Sound, Jamie XX…There is a whole new genertion of talented beat-heads, putting their names on the map in the last couple of years. Each one in their scene, they are definitely here to stay.

We would like to introduce to you French Fries, a wonder that, before finishing high school had already a residency @ La Fabela Chic in Paris. Got his first release with 16 years. Breaktrough artist of the 2010’s WMC…We heard around that everything he touches it’s tourned into gold. Then, it is time to make your own conclusions, let’s make the music speak.

Check his mix for Boiler Room, videotaped live performace included.

Boiler Room 55 by French fries (2011)

Tracklist? Aquí! | Tracklist? Here!

Y escucha también, de paso, lo que está por venir. En julio, en Clek Clek Boom, sello francés en el que colabora FF.

And, that is what is about to be out in July on Clek Clek Boom, french label in which FF collabates.

French Fries – Hugz (feat. Bambounou)

Via Carlos de Brito

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