LINN ÖBERG | Between the powerful and the vulnerable

Linn Öberg

Desde Estocolmo, con amor, me gustaría presentaros a Linn Öberg. Esta jóven sueca rápidamente atrapa tu atención con su increible voz y sus letras cantadas de la manera más delicada, sin muchos adornos. No usa batería, simplemente una guitarra. Los elegantes coros de Sandra Windahl sirven para que haya bastante material importante, que podeis encontar en su página de Soundcloud. Estas son mis canciones favoritas, espero que las disfrutéis.

From Stockholm, with love, I would like to introduce you to Linn Öberg, this young girl grabs your attention from the vey beginning thanks to her powerful voice and strong phrasing singing in the most undressed and delicate way. She does not use a drum but instead she uses a simple guitar and the nicest backing vocals performed by Sandra Windahl. You can find some of Linn’s work on her Soundcloud page. This two tracks are my favorites. Just let the voice and the lyrics talk for themselves and enjoy.

Post by María de la O

Linn Öberg – Homesick

Linn Öberg – Long Walk

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