DJ HARVEY | Locussolus

Dj Harvey 1

Explicarte quién es DJ Harvey en 150 palabras es muy difícil. Te puedo decir que es uno de los pioneros en traer el sonido disco/garage desde U.S.A a Europa y que es la actitud personificada. Me trae de cabeza. No sólo por su nuevo LP en International Feel, “Locussolus”, que te dejamos aquí y está ya en la calle desde el día 13 de junio, si no porque voy a verlo este finde en directo en el Panorama Bar y me estoy subiendo por las paredes…

Explaining who DJ Harvey is in less than 150 words in kinda complicated. Briefly, I tell you that he is one of the pioneers in bringing the US Disco and early Garage sounds to Europe. And, the he is attitude personified. He is driving me crazy. Not only because of his new LP, ‘Locussolus’, which is just now out on International Feel; mainly this is due to the fact that I will see him live this saturday at Panorama Bar. Last time I saw Harvey live was epic. The city knows that something is going to happen, I feel it.

DJ Harvey – Locussolus (Intenational Feel, 2011)

Dj Harvey
DJ Harvey Live @ Somewhere in Downtown San Diego (2004)

Tracklist? Aquí | Tracklist? Here

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