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Realmente no sé cómo llegué a conocer la música de Lucrecia Dalt. Pero, me enamoré de su sonido desde que escuché por primera vez su albums “The Sound of Lucrecia” y “Congost” en Spotify.

“The Sound of Lucrecia” es una mézcla de Indie con toque electrónicos. Loops minimalistas manicurados con ciudado que jugan sutilmente con una guitarra y con la magnífica voz intimista de Lucrecia. Si apagas la luz, escuchando el LP en casa, es suficiente para que su belleza te abrume.

Esto es lo que sé de ella: Lucrecia es una colombiana que vive en Barcelona. Su segundo álbum “Congost”, editado allá por 2009 en su propio sello Pruna Recordings, se ha agotado rápidamente. Sin embargo, ahora puedes hacerte con una segunda edición mejorada.

I don´t know how did I get to know Lucrecia Dalt but since the first time I played her albums in spotify, ‘The Sound of Lucrecia’ & ‘Congost’, I felt completely in love.

‘The Sound of Lucrecia’ is a mix of Indie and electronic touches with a smart and carefully sets of minimal loops manicured in a subtle way accompanied with a guitar and a fabulous whispering voice.  Intimacy is what her music denotes, turn the light off and make yourself at home with Lucrecia Dalt 14 songs are enough to make you feel a Stendhal.

Here it is what I know I know about her: she comes from Colombia and she is currently living in Barcelona, her album ‘Congost? has being produced by her own label, Pruna Recordings, with a much smaller limited edition that was quickly sold out when it was out in October 2009. But, now you can find an enhanced second edition of the album here.

Post by María de la O

Lucrecia Dalt –  Ceniza (Pruna Recordings, 2009)

Lucrecia Dalt – Too much light live!

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