Terekke es un DJ y productor con base en Brooklyn que manufactura house dibujado con acordes y voces etéras. Vibraciones intrigantes con enmarcado analógico. Está a punto de salir a la venta un 12″ edición limitada, con dos de sus temas, editado en el sello neoyorquino L.I.E.S

Estos son nuestros favoritos, pero puedes encontrar más en su Soundcloud.

Terekke is a DJ and producer based in Brooklyn that delivers yummy tape house jams, drawn with ethereal chords and voices. Intriguing vibes, all analog framed. He is imminently releasing two of his tracks on L.I.E.S. Limited 12″.

This ones are our favourites, but you can find more Terekke’s tracks on his Soundcloud page.

Terekke – California

Terekke – Pf pf pass (L.I.E.S 005.5, 2011)

Terekke – Damn (L.I.E.S 005.5, 2011)

Special thanks to Matt
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