Nihiti toca este sabado @ Sameheads (Richardst.10- Berlín). Si estás cerca, pásate para una noche de delirio electrónico. Junto con la banda de Brooklyn, actuaciones en directo de Viktor Timofeev y Jonny Teardrop. Dj sets de la mano de The Surveyor,
M.E.S.H & xorzyzt.

E incorporación de última hora, SSPS (el proyecto en solitario de Jon Nicholson Excepter).

Nihiti is playing live this Saturday the 6th @ Sameheads (Richardst.10- Berlin). If you are around, come by for a night of electronic delerium. Alongside with the Brooklyn based band, performances by Viktor Timofeev and Jonny Teardrop. DJ sets by The Surveyor,
M.E.S.H & xorzyzt.

And, SSPS live! (Excepter’s Jon Nicholson’s solo project) just added to the event.

Nihiti – Live @ Tape Club, Berlin [2010]

SSPS –  Silent Treatment (live) [2011]

Jonny Teardrop – Child Hoods (live)

The Surveyor – All Over The Overture Mix [2011]

Xorzyzt – VamPyramid (with Phillip Hohenwarter & Matthias Maercks)

M.E.S.H. – Share The Blame

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