Fl▲sh$i† es un proyecto de lo-fi, haunted bedroom music, a través del cuál Nelson Dias Goncalves, armado con un sampler Roland SP 404, un 8-track digital y algunos teclados, nos trae un sonido con feeling industrial e influencias que beben del synth-pop / dark wave, coqueteando con lo gótico. Sintes muy oscuros, voces etéreas con reverb a tope, atmósferas inquietantes casi aterradoras…

Fl▲sh$i† acaba de editar un EP en el sello alemán Black Bvs Records y colabora con Abismal, colectivo madrileño orientado a la electrónica experimental.

Os dejamos nuestros temas favoritos del EP y el videoclip de “Black Roses”, dirigido por Julieta Triangular.


Fl▲sh$i† is Nelson Goncalves Dias’ lo-fi, haunted bedroom music project. Armed with a Roland SP 404 sampler, a digital 8-track and some keyboards, Fl▲sh$i† delivers tracks  with an industrial feeling, which even flirt with gothic, influenced by synth-pop / dark wave. The darkest synths, reverbed ethereal vocals, terrifying atmospheres…

Fl▲sh$i† has just released an EP on the German imprint Black Bvs Records and collaborates with Abismal, a music collective based in Madrid orientated to experimental electronica initiatives.

We would like to share with you a couple of Nelson’s tunes, as well as ‘Black Roses’ videoclip, directed by Julieta Triangular.
Fl▲sh$i† – Spell R∃∧∃RS∃ [Black Bvs Records, 2011]

Fl▲sh$i† – I>iGiT∆L∑ ∧∅∅d00 (Definitive) [Black Bvs Records, 2011]

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