The Please, Hans Verhaag y Minggus Dorpmans, es un duo de DJ y productores con base en Holanda. Tras una temporadita lanzando temas no oficiales y remixes, haciendo ruido por aquí y por allá; por fin han logrado, via Purple Maze, publicar una parte de su material. El EP, s-Gravendijkwal, contiene cuatro piezas de electrónica analógica con un enfoque downtempo y un feeling Brainfeederiano-Theo Parrishta. Además, puedes escuchar algunas de sus otras produciones en la mixtape que prepararon para Rassion Mag en 2009.

Por último, os dejamos un set en directo de The Please para la Solar Festival Radio.

The Please – Sampler Crack (s Gravendijkwal Purple Maze, 2011)

The Please – Laser Guided Weapon (s-GravendijkwalPurple Maze, 2011)

Hans Verhaag & Minggus Dorpmans, aka The Please, is a DJ/producer duo based in Holland. After putting their sounds out there for a while – that is: several unofficial tracks, remixes and neat mixtapes– they are about to release via Purple Maze an EP named s-Gravendijkwal. The EP contains 4 pieces of  downtempo electronica with a Brainfeederish-Theo Parrishta feeling. You can also check how some other The Please’s productions roll by listening to the mixtape they did for Rassion Mag in 2009.

Last but not least, we would like you to hear this live set @ Solar Festival Radio, which definitely is going to put your party hats on.

The Please @ Solar Festival Radio (2010)


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