GIRLS | Father, Son, Holy Ghost

Father, Son, Holy Ghost [True Panther Records] es el nuevo álbum de Girls. Despúes de dejar temazos (Morning Lights, Lust for Life o Laura)  con su anterior trabajo, Album; los de San Francisco han marcado su territorio a golpes de canciones como Vomit. El nuevo LP suena a pop rock clásico, atemporal y efectivo. Cantan desde la tristeza, pero te sacan de dentro una sonrisa , como en el video clip y el tema de Honey Bunny.

Girls are back with Father, Son, Holy Ghost [True Panther Records]. After listening Album, with such great song as Morning LightsLust for Life or Laura; these guys from San Francisco have released a new LP which set their area of action. New songs like Vomit tell us that they’ve chosen that atemporal, classic pop- rock as their sound. This time sadness make them sing, however they’ll still make you smile. Just you watch and listen Honey Bunny and you’ll get it.  


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