SPIRIT OF THE CHI | Legends of Funk & Heavy Soul

Spirit of the Chi mixed by MassTransit and Spinello artwork via Soundcloud

Chris Nergaard (aka MassT) y Bryan Dinello (aka Spinello) han viajado en el tiempo para preparar este mix que recoge sonidos de la vertiente soulera y funkarra de la tradición musical de La Ciudad del Viento. El set incluye el trabajo de artistas esenciales de la escena de la ciudad desde principios de los 60s hasta los 70s. Espera de Spirit of the Chi  armonías dulces, arreglos orquestados, toques de viento alucinates y una gran dosis de amor.

Chris Nergaard (aka MassT) and Bryan Dinello (aka Spinello) have put together a mix that encompasses a labour researching the Windy City’s early 60s and 70s rich music heritage. Spirit of the Chi, is a one-hour time travel that gives you the chance to meet the work of essential artists of The Chi’s scene – some of them widely known as Curtis Mayfield, Quincy Jones and Herbie Hancock – in order to let you see clearly the deep influence of those genres on the sounds that thrill us nowadays. Expect laid-back sweet harmonies, highly orchestrated arrangements, mind-blowing horns, vibrant keys and a big portion of love here.

MassTransit & Spinello – Spirit of the Chi: Legends of Funk & Heavy Soul


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