KOOL THING | Light Games EP

Escuchar k o o l t h i n g, me produce sensaciones nuevas. Pienso que es debido a los sintes oscuros que se funden con arreglos delicados. Hay algo en su sonido que me recuerda a Berlín. kool thing está compuesto por Julie Chance y Jon Dark y, de hecho, están establecidas en la capital alemana. Durante el pasado 2011 fueron las teloneras de Austra en su tour por el norte de Europa. Ahora han autoeditado su primer EP, Light Games, que me parece excelente y me hace pensar que sólo es el principio de algo. Por cierto, su remix de Light Asylum Shallow Tears, que dejo por ahí abajo, me hace temblar, no te lo pierdas.Light Games, tiene un poder extraño. Puedes descargártelo gratis a través del Bandcamp del grupo.

El video clip de Light Games’ salió a la calle el mes pasado. Producido por Claire Kurylowski y protagonizado por Emme Preisler.

When listning to k o o l t h i n g, I get a sensation, new to me. I think it’s the dark synth waves, together with sensitive notes. It makes me wanna run the streets of Berlin. There is something in their sound that symbolizes how this city feels right now. The band consists of Julie Chance and Jon Dark, and they are, indeed, based in Berlin. In 2011, they went on tour with Austra, playing on venues and festivals around north Europe, with a concert in Berghain. Now they are independently releasing their first EP, Light Games, which contains their latest single with the same name. Light Games is excellent and listening through it makes me believe that this is just the beginning, and I do want more. And, their remix of Light Asylum’s Shallow Tears builds up the beat with such power that I shudder a bit. Not only have they grown music-wise as a band during the last year; the music itself grows as you listen to it. It just gets better and better. Light Games, has both power and some sort of sound that gives me a wet, warm, sticky feeling. You can download Light Games for free on their Bandcamp.

Last month, Light Games’ video was featured on Dazed Digital. The talented fashion film-maker Claire Kurylowski produced and directed it. Starring the actress and model Emme Preisler. I have difficulties finding words. Check it yourself.

kool thing photo by Emma Haugh (2011)

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